Over ons

Matisse De Kleermaeker

Matisse is my right hand and left hand. He helps me with practical matters related to festwest. His enthusiasm keeps everyone happy.

Dahlia De Deyn

My name is Dahlia, I am the organizer of festwest. I have a great passion for entrepreneurship and quickly take matters into my own hands. That’s why, as the end of the corona period approached, I started making plans for festswest.

Igor De Deyn

Igor is my youngest brother. He is a great help in physically setting up festwest. He largely took charge of the logistics aspect of the event and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Kwinten De Deyn

Kwinten is my 2nd youngest brother and, like Igor, helped with physically setting up festwest. He is also responsible for the website and some computer-related matters.

Matthias De Deyn

Matthias is my eldest brother and also helped with the construction and dismantling, but he was mainly responsible for the technical part, including the light and sound.

Valérie Van Wesemael & Dirk De Deyn

These are my parents, without their permission this great event would never have been possible. They also helped a lot with the physical setup of festwest, but they also gave me a lot of good advice on both the organization and technical side of festwest.


These are the volunteers, the real heroes, help was offered in setting up Festwest, standing behind the bar, checking entrance tickets and just about every task you can think of. We are very grateful to them for all their help because without them Festwest would not have been able to continue!

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